Quartz Sealing & Protection


HydroShield for Quartz has been scientifically formulated to bond to all types of quartz surfaces.  Protecting quartz countertops as well as shower surrounds, our innovative bonding process transforms quartz into a highly durable, easy-to-clean, stain-resistant surface.


HydroShield for Quartz utilizes a proprietary covalent bonding process that is revolutionizing the quartz industry. 

Our innovative science begins with one of the most common minerals found on earth, quartz.  Quartz is a common mineral, made of joined silicon and oxygen, or SiO2. In making quartz surfaces, ground quartz is introduced to fillers and resins and then compressed into solid slabs. 

Our innovative, one-of-a-kind surface protection creates a covalent bond to the SiO2 network. 

The result is a high performance, ultra-durable, invisible barrier that transforms the surface of quartz; providing superior protection. 

Because of the unique, molecular bond at the surface-to-air interface, our surface protection is guaranteed to never discolor, flake, chip or peel.


Each HydroShield application is completed by a certified trained HydroShield technician.  This ensures proper bonding, guaranteeing our customer’s long-lasting performance and durability.  Every application is backed by the HydroShield “True Warranty” program.

HydroShield for Quartz Advantages:

  • One-coat application
  • The only product in the world that covalently bonds to the surface of quartz
  • Does not alter the appearance of the quartz surface
  • Prevents hard water damage and staining
  • Makes quartz easy-to-clean.
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • 5-Year True Warranty

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